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Stop Dreaming, Take Action!


1. Make your teaching business profitable!

2. Bring in the remaining students you need!

3. Do activities you love doing and automate/delegate the rest!

Join "The Uplevel Challenge" with Eszter and our STRONGER TOGETHER Community

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How will this challenge look like? 


During each day of the challenge, you will get access to the day's training content in the morning. It's self-paced, so it's up to you what time you watch it and do the exercises during the day.

If you submit your thoughts each day, I will come back to you with personalized feedback specific to YOUR business. 

I will get back to all of you who submit their work.

You can get started right now with Day 1!


By the end of the challenge

1. You will know precisely how your teaching business will be more profitable

2. How to bring in the students you need right now

3. You will know how to move away from tasks you should not be doing.


Join the Uplevel Challenge!

Now, you might have some questions...

Is this the first time we meet?

Hey, my name is Eszter; I'm the person behind Jump Start Your School. 

I started this project in 2018 to help heart-centered teaching business owners to live the life they dreamed of when they started their businesses.

I had my own language school (both brick & mortar and online) for eight years, which I used for experimenting with every side of it, from communication to team management, pricing and automation. 

AUTOMATION is my best friend; I see systems in chaos and streamlined processes where seemingly there are none.

Since 2018 I have helped numerous businesses with teams of 1-25 people to get through the pandemic, come out of it thriving. 

My objective is to help you BUILD A BUSINESS AROUND YOUR LIFE instead of building a life around your business.

I brought to life the Stronger Together community in 2021. This challenge and the community are open to anyone who wants to enter our world and enjoy the support of a like-minded tribe.

Jump on the challenge and say hello to us on the inside!

Hugs from sunny Granada, Spain


Join me at the Uplevel Challenge!

What other education brand owners say about the challenge

Betty, Betty's Academy

"Understanding of the transformation message and ideal clients. I totally ingrained my message and all of my copy writings, social media, newsletters are transformed through this message. It is so much easier to do all my work and stand for what I believe. I am more confident to spread my word out there. I am ok to lose clients who don't believe my message. Now I have a clear idea of what is going on with my finances."

Julia, Julia Gromakova English

"Thank YOU Eszter for you well thought challenge! I'd love my courses be like yours!!! Your well-structured explanations clear up my mind. I'll try to figure out how can I balance between the number of students and the prices."

Lucy, English'n'Lucy

"Yet again, this is quite logical, but it was a lightbulb moment for me when you shared the story about reaching your desired number of students and what it really meant for your business and team. There are more people out there who would try to manipulate everything in order to make it fit, instead of saying: it is ok not to reach those numbers, let's reduce the number of students and raise the prices. I think this goes totally against our natural way of thinking because most of us think: the more the better!"

More from the Community

What will you get during the five days? 



Cut through the noise and attract your Dream Student with ONE single Message

Enter the conversation going on in your student's mind, invite dream clients into your world with ease.







Do you need more students, or do you need higher prices?

Let's get to the numbers and define exactly how many students do you need for your business to be profitable.


Carve out your own space in the market

Make life happen FOR you, not TO you. Be on top of your plans and use your SUPERPOWERS to have your clients play by your rules for their greatest benefit.






Take a step back from activities you shouldn't be doing

Identify your Zone of Genius, and see how you can automate or delegate everything that falls out of your zone, to turn your workday into true pleasure.


New students delivered straight to your door

Bring in the people you would love to serve, and ONLY them! Turn your existing students into raving fans so they recommend you to everyone they know!



This can all be yours right now for a single payment of $27.

Join the Uplevel Challenge!

Ah, and there are Bonuses too!

Put it all into practice now!

You will get the replay of our LIVE implementation session, where I give you my Trello template for taking action on everything you need to do next, to get your business to the next level.

Ads, when and how to run them?

A replay of our LIVE Ads workshop, where you get clarity on how you know if an ad will perform, before you start pouring money into it. Bye-bye "hope marketing"!

Make your Product incomparable!

Get a copy of our Incomparable Product Workshop, and leave behind worrying about your competition and their prices. You're unique and deserve your unique place in the market!

I'm super excited for you to embark on this journey, see you inside!

Join the Uplevel Challenge!