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Connect with your Dream Students and construct your DREAM LIFE

in the Next 90 Days ... Without Overwhelm and Stress

Let me get right to the point:


The reason you might struggle with your teaching business is that 


you haven’t properly identified your dream students who happily pay the price your work is worth,


or you haven’t yet applied the right systems to only work with Dream Students, at the rates you deserve.


Even though you have a target group, you still get stuck trying to please everyone and compete with other players in the market.


Also, you constantly feel overwhelmed because you think automation is a privilege of big companies, and it’s something you can’t afford.




JUMP is a specific map for you to grow your education brand stress-free and live the life YOU had dreamed of when you started your business.


The process is simple.


And we’ll do it together.


Because you don’t want more complexity and overwhelm, you’ve had enough of that.


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"You turned my life around!"

María Jesús Valenzuela, Sonrisas Musicales

"Now I know where I'm putting my money instead of just tackling things as they come."

Amanda Pereira, Brazilingo

"Now I have a plan to move forward on!"

Daniel Sathya Peel, English Naturally


Why is Jump Important?


Jump is a simple map that leads your dream students to YOU and offers you the peace of mind in your business that allows you to only do things you love doing and you're great at, and automate or delegate the rest.

Jump is also the clarity you need to finally have your community play by YOUR rules while you're happy to pour your heart into serving them.

In other words, you will lead dream students into your universe...and they will happily pay your fees and become your raving fans


...without significant investment into tech, and without hiring a huge team.


You're reading this as you are a heart-centered education brand owner.

The aim is to find the easiest way for you to get those students on board and help them realize their dreams while your dream becomes a reality too!

The key here is speaking your truth, daring to be vulnerable while setting your boundaries and building a fantastic community.

I know you get this, but you might think… 


“How do I speak my truth?”,

“How do I build a community when I’m so overwhelmed?”

“I feel I have to sort out everything by myself, and it all has to be done by yesterday…”

“I feel even if I had 60 days without a single phone call or class to take care of, it wouldn’t be enough time to get through everything I have on my plate right now.”


What JUMP will do for you is introduce you to a world where there is time for everything.


And where you spend your time on tasks you LOVE doing, stuff that’s the easiest for you and gives the most significant value to your community.


While other activities are either automated or done by someone else.


We all know that as long as your financial freedom is not sorted, the rest of your freedom will suffer too.


So JUMP is here to help you build strong foundations. For you, your family, your team, and your students.


You might think I’m crazy, but it all comes together in the end. When you’re balanced, clear and firm on who you’re ok to work with and who you aren’t, sales become effortless.


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Let me tell you something…


You are not going to sell your classes.


You’re going to sell the transformation, the end result:


“The kids who can live where they want to, as adults, as they speak fluent English.”


“The guy who can now move to their desired country as they got the visa thanks to the certificate your course helped them obtain.”


“The little girl who truly enjoys playing the piano at the age of 8 and finds her inner peace each day when sitting down at her instrument at 40.”

Unfortunately, just like public education, the private education sector hasn’t changed much over the past decades either.


We have a massive boom of teachers going solo (maybe you are one of them) and schools and academies daring to be different, but there are so many ingrained habits we need to leave behind. 


And I don’t mean it about your teaching content, but the way education brand owners set up their systems, their pricing, their hours, their whole offering, or how they communicate it to the world.

With JUMP, you will probably have some “unlearning” to do before you’re ready to learn. And, you will have to become prepared to make your clients and students unlearn some of those old “ingrained” habits.


To mention some...


“Charging by the hour.”


“Recuperating no-show classes for free.”


“Fighting your competition with low prices.”


“Putting up with late payments.”


“Feeling ashamed for charging what you’re worth.”

I admit it...


it's the path I walked for years. And I failed miserably.

The students I managed to get were the wrong ones, and I was stressed every day.


So I made the conscious shift to the business growth strategy that stands the test of time:


Only if I AM ALRIGHT, can I make sure that my team and community are alright.


And if you look at your brand with this attitude,

and set your boundaries,

you will create a space within which you can serve your community without limits and grow together with them!

See what others say about JUMP


"Since I have been working with you, I have turned into a different person.

These are difficult times, and this course gave me hope and useful tools to survive.

The days when I let people take advantage of me are over.

I now know who my dream students are and make more money with fewer students. I can't wait to continue and take my school to the next level!"


María Jesús Valenzuela Barajas

Sonrisas Musicales

"Before I met Eszter, I was winging it completely, trying to be what everyone wanted, and where they wanted... it was exhausting.

Working with Eszter gave me the ability to move forward with the confidence found in knowing someone has your back.

Now I have clarified what I want to do and where my personal limits are. I have a plan to move forward on."


Daniel Sathya Peel

English Naturally

"I feel less lost. I have a plan, steps to take. That mental clarity has been really helpful.

I was dabbling too much. I wasn't able to focus on one thing before branching out to all the directions my heart wanted to take me.

A huge thing we did was get my financial plan together. Now I know where I'm putting my money instead of just tackling things as they come."


Amanda Pereira


Check out some interviews with Jump Alumni

And now let’s get back to you.

The bottom line is that relationship-based communication and firm boundaries pave the road to the gold in your teaching business.


The question is…

Are You Willing to Mine For the Gold?

Most people have no interest in nurturing relationships and working on themselves. 

If that’s you, and you feel JUMP is not what you are looking for, you can stop reading here.

But if you know in your heart that relationships and transparency are at the core of every successful long-standing business, you are in the right place.

Here’s the good news


If you start speaking your truth, you will get to the right students, ready to do the “unlearning” with you.


And this is what JUMP is about.

We have a HUGE opportunity to capitalise on.


Because most education brand owners won’t want to put in the effort, they will not invest in forming the relationships that feed their business automatically in the future.

They play the short game and they think having MORE STUDENTS would fix everything.

Yet if they bring in those students before they fix the above, it will only put more pressure and time demand on their lives. Not only that, they will SACRIFICE other parts of their lives for their business.


If you're as excited about this as I am, I'm ready to tell you more!


A 6-week self-paced program, combined with LIFETIME LIVE SUPPORT from me.

Week 1: The Tribe You Are Happy To Serve

Identify the ONLY type of people you want to serve; people who make your work easy as they share the same values, and they want to walk the path you walk instead of trying to push you to comply with their invented criteria.

Week 2: Your Dream Student Nurture Cycle

Start building your list of potential new students. Build a container of fans so when you're ready to take on new students, you only need to "open the tap," and they will happily sign up.

Week 3: Your Communication Strategy

Build your simplified strategy for an entire year, so you know what to say, when, and where. Avoid social media overwhelm but still reach your Dream Students with minimal effort.

Week 4: The Full Cycle, Your Raving Fans

Turn your paying students into raving fans, so they naturally refer their friends to you. But do it without spreading yourself thin and pleasing everyone.

Week 5: Automate and Boost Your Signup Process

Take your role as a leader, and leave the admin work to background automation. A unique approach you can replicate and apply again and again, will differentiate you from the competition.

Week 6: Pricing Strategy & Payment Automation

Build & control your budget like a PRO, get paid what you're worth! And automate payments so you can concentrate 100% on your students' evolution! Set your boundaries and become an unfuckwithable* leader!

*Unfuckwithable: a term used by Vishen Lakhiani in his book, the Code of the Extraordinary Mind

And, there are BONUSES!

Items and extra lessons that will support you on this journey and, if you want, take you even higher.


For Kids Education Brands

When you teach children, you have the extra task of dealing with kids as your end users, but the parents being the clients >>> This mini course gives you my entire strategy to connect Business Owner - Teachers - Parents - Kids.

Value $497 USD


Become a Member of LIVE Club for good

As a JUMP member, you are invited to join LIVE Club and ask your most burning questions every Tuesday. In addition to that, you get invited to our JUMP "members-only" community space where you can connect with JUMP Alumni anytime.

Value $3,492 USD


Get Clients Sign Up and Pay Before the Meeting Ends

I share with you my complete template that works both for webinars and in-person meetings, and has your dream students sign up and pay even before the session ends!

Value $497 USD


Any Updates I Make, Are Yours For Free

The world of education businesses is constantly evolving! I update my program at least once a year. You will be notified of each major update and you can redo the course or parts of it anytime you want.

Value $4,491 USD

The total value of these bonuses is $8,977 USD

And you get them all on top of the JUMP Program as my gift.


Is there more?



As I don't want you to risk anything, this course comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

What does that mean? Exactly that: If you realize it's not what you expected, you message me anytime within the first 30 days of your access, and you will get a refund. No questions asked.

Are you ready? 

 Become a JUMP owner today and

construct your Dream Life in the next 90 days!

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What makes me the right person to teach you about this?

  • I led a hugely successful, unique, brick & mortar and then online academy of English for 8 years. With a team of 7, we helped more than 400 families. I decided to concentrate full-time on Jump Start Your School; if you want to know more about my school, you can look it up here.
  • I do not pretend to know it all; I bring you concepts that worked for me best after investing $75K into researching and finding the best ways for managing an internationally successful education brand.
  • This system not only works for language schools. It has been tried and proven in teaching businesses of all kinds, and the key principles of JUMP can be applied to them perfectly.
  • You will find numerous business and marketing courses out there. Yet this is the only program that blends in all the newest teachings out there and adapts them to the world of education brands led by heart-centered individuals.
  • The trust of more and more education brand owners worldwide confirms that it wasn't a question of luck; my solutions truly work in REAL LIFE BUSINESS. Scroll down to hear it directly from them.

Video Testimonials from Jump Alumni

JUMP at a New Online Business

How an online school, in its first year of business could get clear direction and simplify their offering to get to their Dream Clients.

With Amanda Pereira from Brazilingo


JUMP at a Unique English Academy

I met Daniel when he was at his lowest and needed a helping hand to turn his dreams into reality. I'm so proud of him!

With Daniel Peel from English Naturally


JUMP at an Established Music School

Four years of business, great success, but total overwhelm. How jump helps you bing the most out of your team and yourself without stress.

With Maria Valenzuela from Sonrisas Musicales

Wow! I want to experience this too!

OK... this is the last item that I want to share, but to me, the dearest! 

As we don't all live in places with equal financial opportunities, I've brought to life


By purchasing JUMP, you help someone who otherwise wouldn't have the possibility to join us, to get access to the program at a significantly reduced rate.

If you feel that everything you see here resonates 100% with who you are and where you are on your journey, but your financial situation does not allow you to take this program, please do reach out and I'll see what I can do. 

When making a final decision on offering a scholarship opportunity, I will take into account the location, opportunities, and financial strength of the country where you run your business and the type of community you teach.

To apply for the scholarship and find out all the details, please email me at [email protected].