Becoming a Professional School Owner

#howtogetstarted #schoolownerjourney Mar 14, 2018

When I started out I gave classes as a private teacher, aiming at all the public, without restriction to age, interest, language level and objective.

Though always with a dream at the back of my mind to once have students that are all the same type, the age and type I like teaching, people that fit my teaching and working style best.

This did not happen naturally though. I had to take time to define my offerings. But even before that, had to find out who I am offering to.


This was the first step:


Defining my avatar. (Your customer avatar is your ideal client)

And to be honest this was the easier part.


Then I had to find a way to


Communicate it.

In the language my clients understood, which was different from my internal one. How did I do that? First of all, I took a step back. And then another one, and one more.


I started with my own mission statement.


Why? Because I firmly believe that you should do what you're best at! I needed to know where I started from. And took my passions and expertise as the basis of building the direction I wanted to head to.

To give it a solid frame, I reached out to a true expert, Franklin Covey, and used his mission statement builder (I remembered this from a course I had done during my corporate years). It gave me strong guidance and stable ground to work on. I use it from time to time. The last time I used it was more than 4 years ago, and it is still relevant, a point I can reach back to, whenever I need to find a way back to my balance.


Build your own mission statement today!


Take your time, this is the first, vital step towards becoming a professional school owner. Once you're done you will be ready to build your avatar and communicate it. I will soon bring you practical tools for that.


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